Corporate Responsibility

Mining responsibly is not just a priority, it’s an imperative. For Amerigold services Ltd this means responsibly managing our impacts while leveraging economic opportunity to generate sustainable long-term benefits for host communities. Most importantly, it means approaching everything we do with an attitude of respect for the people, laws and cultures where we do business.

Our Approach

Corporate responsibility is integral to our business strategy at each stage of the mine life cycle, and across all functions. We operate according to the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and honesty, and respect human rights wherever we work.


We put people first and our number-one priority is the safety of every employee. We provide a rewarding and meaningful livelihood to the 9,300 men and women worldwide who make up our Company.


We are vigilant in protecting the environment and seek ways to minimize our environmental footprint wherever we operate. We always seek to meet, and where possible exceed, regulatory requirements in our environmental performance.

Corporate Governance

Amerigold services Ltd is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. We actively monitor developments in best practices and applicable laws to ensure that the Company meets that commitment.